Emma Gannon

May 2018

Emma Gannon

"This month’s hotlister is author, blogger and the former social media editor of British Glamour, Emma Gannon. Emma's new book, THE MULTI-HYPHEN METHOD: Work Less, Create More & Design A Career That Works for You, is coming out this month and we cannot wait! After a successful career in media, Emma’s most recent book looks at how to have a more fulfilled and financially healthy life, and inspires people who want a career that is less than ordinary." Jenny Halpern Prince. "I'm looking forward to the sunshine coming out a bit more during May, now we've had a taste of it I want more! To me, there's nowhere better than London in the sun. Which also means embracing some summer fashion, I want to throw my tights away and get the summer dresses out. More outdoor socialising and beer-gardens in my local Hackney pubs. I'm excited about doing a rooftop book club event with the amazing author Bryony Gordon overlooking Victoria embankment at the end of the month where we'll be talking about our new books - and my book launch at one of my favourite co-working places: WeWork!" Emma Gannon


Bar Elba

We are promised that the sunshine is coming again ... so, this means us Londoners do what we do best at this time of year and retreat above normal ground level to the nearest rooftop we can find. Like lizards seeking every opportunistic dose of Vitamin D we can. Based in Waterloo, Bar Elba, named after the Tuscan island, ticks that rooftop box as you ascend some colourful steps to get there, just to help you get in that party mood. Cocktails, wine, beers and bubbles hit the TICK for refreshments and food courtesy of Dip and Flip means you can carb load as you go. Yup, another TICK. So grab yer mates and sit under the twinkling fairy lights as the sun sets over the picturesque platforms of Waterloo station. We jest, it’s a rooftop, with London as the backdrop, look beyond the trains...unless that’s your thing of course. Instagram | Facebook


Kricket London

Guys, this is not a drill, we repeat, not a drill...Kricket is coming back to Brixton this month. *pulls party popper. Not only is it back, it’s opening in a permanent venue on Atlantic Road. *pulls another party popper. SW locals may remember where Brindisa used to be in the arches on Atlantic Road and this will be Kricket’s new home, with space for a 30 cover restaurant, that takes bookings, plus a bar serving drinks and snacks with space for another 30. Rik Campbell and Chef Will Bowlby who founded the original Kricket in POP Brixton, say they always planned on returning to their roots after they callously left POP for Soho, so we are thrilled they are true to their word. The menu will be Indian inspired and new dishes include Spiced smoked cod's roe, telicherry kulcha and Lotus root yakni, morels & lotus root crisps. The restaurant is due to open on the 12th May but check the website just in case anything changes. We don’t want you banging on the doors if they’re not quite ready for you! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


Field Day

Summer time means festi time y’all. And one staple of the summer season is Field Day which is on the move. Getting ahead of the birds, they are migrating South for the summer to Brockwell Park, from its previous “home” in Victoria Park. Now we know this is the MAY Hotlist, and Field Day is in JUNE but it’s literally the first weekend of June, the tickets are selling out fast and we don’t want you to miss out so….you can thank us later. Across Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd June you can treat your ears to the ‘dulcet sounds’ of Erykah Badu, Gilles Peterson, Loyle Carner, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Beauty & The Beat, Ezra Collective and many many more fantastic acts.Then you have Street Feast, Venn Street Market, Fat Gay Vegan and London Brewers Market to help keep your energy levels up. Tickets are available here so don’t hang about party people. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


Festival of Science: SPACE

Thought we’d look up some Inspirational quotes to open this entry as feel you need some profundity when talking about the vast epic-ness of space. Felix Baumgartner, that nutter who jumped to earth from Space for kicks, once said: “Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you really are”. That’s deep. And a strong message. Then we found that someone, surprisingly anonymous, once said “I f**king love outer space...all those stars and planets and sh*t” and well, whilst not AS deep, that quote stood out to us too. Coz space is bloody amazing. Which is probably why the Royal Albert Hall will be exploring Space through a series of concerts, talks, screenings and comedy events for space and sci-fi fans young and old. The events kick off on the 5th May and runs through to early July and the full list of events are listed here along with info on tickets. One small (large) festival for the Albert Hall means one giant leap of fun for mankind. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


London Craft Week

This month marks the return and fourth edition of the incredible London Craft Week, an event that “showcases exceptional craftsmanship through a journey-of-discovery programme featuring hidden workshops and unknown makers alongside celebrated masters, famous studios, galleries, shops and luxury brands”. From the 9th to the 13th May in museums, galleries, workshop and shops across the whole capital, over 200 established and emerging makers will have the chance to showcase their designs and craftsmanship. After all, we have London Fashion week and a Design festival, so it seems only obvious to dedicate a week to the incredible skills of the capitals makers and designers. The full programme can be found here but a few of the events that caught our eye include Handmade Bicycles with Helio Ascari and Bespoke Gloves with Riina Oun at Bentleys showing their handmade leather skills and The Alchemy of Glass at FBC London in Pimlico. Who needs machinery, the human hand and what it can create is a marvel. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


London Nights

‘London’s lates/at night’ experiences are somewhat infamous now and return with fervour across more venues each year. We’ve been drawn to the Museum of London’s “London Nights” which opens on the 11th May and offer us a chance to see our fair city after dark through photography. The have delved into their extensive collection to exhibit over 200 pieces that offer insight into the city through portraiture, documentary, conceptual photography and film. We stroll these streets every day but have you really SEEN what’s all around us? If you want more late night escapades then check out the Museums at Nights website for all the other after dark excitement you can take part in. Just because the sun has gone to bed, doesn't mean we need to. ;) Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Charity of the Month

NSPCC in association with Harrods

You may have caught wind about some cracking garbs up from grabs at the “Fashion Re-Told” store in Chelsea, raising funds for the NSPCC in association with Harrods and Cadogan. This is the first ever pop-up from Harrods, selling donated and pre-loved designer items in a space on Sloane Street (Number 196 to be precise). Their doors are open now until the 14th May selling things across the womenswear, menswear and accessories spectrum. The store is open Monday to Sunday, 11am - 7pm Monday to Saturday, and Midday – 6pm on Sundays, and the collection edit has been curated by an expert Harrods team, and is presented in a luxurious retail environment, designed to emulate a high-end boutique which might be found within the Knightsbridge store. All proceeds will go to the NSPCC’s invaluable work within the London area, helping their ambition to give every child in London a voice. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

App of the Month

My Possible Self

“A clinically proven, personalised self-help plan”. My Possible Self is a self help toolkit/app that aims to have you feeling your best self in just 8 weeks, because sometimes you need a small helping hand navigating your way round this maze that we call life. After an initial assessment online, the app will help identify which modules are best suited to your needs and they will establish forms of therapy that will equip you with the necessary skills to move onwards and of course upwards! In addition you can choose the emotions you wish to focus on such as stress or anxiety. We believe that mental health needs to be talked about more and so we’re huge advocates of anything that can help anyone who may not be feeling quite at a 10 out of 10. We hope you find this app helpful! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook