David Adjaye

January 2016

David Adjaye

"This month’s Hotlist introduction comes from David Adjaye OBE, recognized as one of the world's leading architects. He was born in Tanzania to Ghanaian parents and his influences range from contemporary art, music and science to African art forms and the civic life of cities. In 2000, he founded Adjaye Associates, whose largest project to date, the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC, is set to open in September 2016." Jenny Halpern Prince "As the dreary weather and truncated daylight push Londoners indoors, I always think of January as the ideal time to explore London's rich interior worlds, from its incredible museums to its unique art galleries. And none capture my attention quite like the Soane Museum. Sir Joan Soane's idiosyncratic collection of art and artefacts of antiquity - perhaps my favourite among them an alabaster sarcophagus - are splendid in their own right, but the real marvel is the architect's former residence that houses it. A testament to Soane's incredible ability to sculpt light in a way that crafts distinctive spaces and atmospheres, the house's labyrinth structure gives it renewable charm and offers great insight into the personality of a brilliant architectural mind. To me, it is one of the greatest examples of the dynamism and beauty that lies nestled just beyond sight of London's streetscapes." David Adjaye


The Ninth

The Ninth is the first solo restaurant venture from New York raised Jun Tanaka and is named so because this is the 9th restaurant he has worked in. Simple. Newly opened on Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, the menu is a tasty melange of French and Mediterranean style cuisine combining a lot of cured, pickled and brined specials. Some of the dishes that grabbed our attention include Sea bass carpaccio, salsa verde and pickled kohlrabi, Smoked duck breast, caramelised chicory and walnuts and Cured pork belly, pecorino and mustard leaf. Deeelish. The 90 seat, bare brick decorated venue offers private dining, a small terrace that seats 8 and a bar to quench the thirst of walk ins. There’s strong restaurant competition in the area with other new sites opening all the time but something tells us Tanaka has hit the bullseye with this one. Twitter


Go Ape

Go Ape have recently opened their 29th site in the UK in London’s Battersea Park. This is the first location to open away from its traditional forest setting and within a city but that doesn’t mean any less tree top adventures. Wannabe Tarzans can tackle more than 40 different crossings including a 50 metre zip wire and there is also another course for mini tarzans! The website states “The highest obstacle crossings are double the height of most Go Ape courses, and many are twice as long as usual, making them extra wobbly and challenging.” Well us Londoners don’t like to do things by halves do we? Priced at £33 for adults and £18 plus for younger or smaller adventurers, it looks like a lot of fun off terra firma but probably not advisable for those with a fear of heights! Are you up for the challenge? Twitter



Zealous X is a ten day festival celebrating a whole range of creativity including art, photography, performance and film, bringing together the best minds in the UK with exhibitions, workshops, talks and so so much more. That’s why it’s over ten days, ain’t no way to squeeze all this creativity into a weekend! The whole idea of Zealous X is to provide a platform for the audience and creative thinkers to engage in dynamic conversation together and for people to meet likeminded individuals and share ideas. Like a creative orgy….if you will. There’s too much to squish into one paragraph so we suggest checking out the website for the full programme but basic info you need to know include that it’s on from the 7th to the 17th January and will take place at Rich Mix in Shoreditch. Off you go! Twitter


Hand to God

Hand to God has been described as Avenue Q meets Book of Mormon. I mean frankly we could just leave it at that, what more description or encouragement do you need to book tickets? None. Exactly. But as we’re such giving souls we’ll tell you a bit more. Fresh from Broadway to the Vaudeville Theatre, Hand to God opens on Feb 5th. Yes yes we know this is the January edition BUT we would hate for you to miss out so basically get your tickets sorted now. In terms of the plot, in a sentence, the story follows a character named Jason and his newly widowed mother who is left in charge of the church puppet club. Jason’s hand puppet Tyrone takes on a life of his own, turns into Satan and leads them into all sorts of trouble…Sounds nice and chilled then!! Twitter


Adventure Travel show

Are you among the hordes of Londoners who suffer from acute wanderlust? Love the city and all it offers but also crave exploring the world? Yeah, us too. Well to either aggravate your addiction or appease your desires, then head to the Adventure Travel Show at Olympia on the 23rd and 24th of this month. The show which is in its 20th year, gathers the biggest collection of specialist adventure travel companies in the business, all under one roof. With free talks, travel writing and photography seminars, a film evening as well as tourism representatives from all over the world, you are in no better place to seek out and book your next adventure. We’re talking from rafting to trekking, safaris to crossing countries on a motorbike. They have it all! The problem is, how one earth are you supposed to pick just one?! Meh, book several then, maybe just pre warn your bank manager… and don’t blame us for the bill. Twitter


Lumiere London

In the words of Chris Martin, “Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones”. And if London is your home then be prepared to let the lights guide you in January at Lumiere London… Sorry, really questionable lead into this entry we won’t lie. Moving on, Lumiere London is a free outdoor light festival taking place from the 14th to the 17th of this month. Iconic architecture and landmarks in both Kings Cross and the West End will be resplendent in brilliance using 3D projections and interactive installations to transform our urban surroundings. Click here to check out the programme of events but plans include transforming the side of the Granary Building in Kings X into a giant circus with acrobats, jugglers, dancers and performers, or a giant net sculpture between buildings at the crossroads of Oxford Circus and Regent Street (like the one pictured below), where audiences can play with the sculpture using a special app that manipulates the light and patterns projected onto it. There is so much more, it all looks very exciting. Let there be light people, let there be light. Twitter

Charity of the month


Place2Be provides emotional and therapeutic support to children in primary and secondary schools. Through creative work and play they help to build up children’s resilience to any negative external influences such as bullying, bereavement, domestic violence, family breakdown, neglect and trauma. The charity works with 257 schools meaning they are in contact with over 105,000 children. So many vulnerable children and families rely on the support of Place2Be and to carry on the invaluable work they do they need our support. As well as donating there are several ways you can help such as raising money for the charity through your own personal challenges be it a marathon or other sponsored event, attend one of Place2Be’s own events throughout the year or they even have special book bags on sale at Jack Wills, proceeds of which go direct to the charity. Full information is available via their website. Twitter

App of the month


They've redesigned their app to make it more user friendly meaning you can see a personalised playlist of videos based on your preferences. Finally Bieber will be top of your phone to keep you entertained on the way into work! Download Vevo here