Melissa Hemsley

February 2018

Melissa Hemsley

“This month’s hotlister is Melissa Hemsley, one half of Hemsley + Hemsley, kitchen pioneer, author of international bestsellers The Art of Eating Well and Good + Simple. This month sees the launch of Melissa’s new book Eat Happy which has 120 delicious recipes which all take under 30 minutes to cook. The Fried Eggs, Avocado & Smoky Bean Tacos and Keralan Turmeric Fish Curry are going to be on my dinner table this week!” Jenny Halpern Prince "After being on the Gaby Roslin BBC Radio London with them last weekend (and being beautifully serenaded live in the studio), I cannot wait to go and see "Girl from the north country" with Sam Reid, it's on until the end of March. It's had rave reviews and it's already made me cry. I'm also really excited to keep recording new episodes of the podcast I present #LiveLifeBetter so far I've had authors and curious minds like the Narain sisters @SelfcareFortheRealWorld, fertility expert Emma Cannon and upcoming Dolly Alderton talking love and the world's first flirtologist Jean Smith" (catch it on itunes or listen live here) Melissa Hemsley


Subterranean Screenings

We normally rave about a rooftop over here on the ol’ Hotlist but you know, new year, new us and all that. We’re now going underground- specifically at Clapham South, for the London Transport Museums Subterranean Screenings. During early February (and early March if you miss out on the February slots) you can stroll 180 steps down to watch a bespoke Second World War film reel curated by the Museum. The screening takes place in a deep level shelter down there so you can watch the film surrounded by the actual place many Londoners would have spent time during the Second World War. Immersive indeed. The film features footage from throughout the war years as well as first hand voice overs from those who experienced it. There’s no denying the streets of London have a lot to offer but we can’t wait to learn more of what’s happened beneath them. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Votes for Women

This year marks 100 years since the Fourth Reform Act which meant (some) women were included in the political system for the first time. Many had campaigned tirelessly for this huge breakthrough and to celebrate the centenary of such a momentous occasion, the Museum of London has put many of its artefacts on display for the public to see at Votes for Women. These include Emmeline Pankhurst's hunger strike medal and Louise Mary Eates pendant, presented to her on her release from prison. It’s striking to us that even 100 years since this happened, women across the globe are still campaigning and fighting for equal rights and mutual respect. But one thing is for sure, 1918 was an iconic year that signalled the start of a huge shift in women’s rights and that frankly, is worth commemorating. A newly commissioned film lies at the centre of the exhibition and is a must see. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Chinese New Year

Sunday the 18th Feb marks Chinese New Year and the start of the year of the Dog! #fave. London’s west end will be transforming into one big party with music, acrobatics, lion dances and a whole heap of activities. Festivities kick off at 10am on Charing Cross Road and you can follow the lion as he sashays through the streets to China Town. In Trafalgar Square there’s going to be a heap of dance acts, Chinese performers and musical treat to entertain all the family. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without foodie treats from one of the various food trucks, we’ll need to boost our energy after all the lion dancing. The day is wrapped up with a stunning pyrotechnics display in Trafalgar Square because it wouldn’t be new year without a lights spectacular now would it? Xīnnián kuàilè!!


31 Below

31 below is a brand new all day Med inspired dining destination in Marylebone. Three of our favourite words right there- All Day Dining. Yes please. What’s better is when somewhere offers you food all day and then amazing cocktails as day turns to night, which is just want you can get here at 31 Below! Nestled in the middle of Marylebone High Street the venue serves up delicious breakfast and brunch options including Glass jar eggs, rolled oat porridge, buckwheat pancakes as well as detox juices and organic teas. The lunch menu is made up of shareable plates as well as various meat options cooked up “on the plancha”. We’ll personally be nailing many portions of the Padron peppers. After all the eating you must indulge in a cheeky beverage or two down in the basement bar- the cocktail list is dreamy and extensive. Lastly, if the Mediterranean menu vibez aren’t enough to bring a little sunshine to your day, then the indoor garden might help instead. Roll on summer in the city! Facebook | Instagram


Orchids Festival

The arrival of flowers equals Spring…..which, alas it’s not, so instead why not head over to Kew gardens and check out their newly arrived Orchids Festival while we wait for the seasonal change. From the 10th February Kew Gardens are celebrating Thailand’s vibrant plant life and culture for a month long colourful spectacular in the lovely and warm Prince of Wales conservatory. Even those who aren’t green fingered love Orchid’s- they are notoriously difficult to destroy *said the voice of experience! This is the 23rd year of the Orchid Festival and the crowds keep a comin’ to see the flora for themselves and this year there are hanging displays, floating handcrafted Thai umbrellas, Thai music and a heap of information on the importance of Orchids and how those who study them come up with the names for each variety and how they are saving those in danger. Plus did we mention it will be so beautifully colourful and pretty and not to forget warm in that conservatory. See you there. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



Immersive theatre is going from strength to strength and Somnai is billed as THE show to see this year. The augmented reality show is going to be taking place in Clerkenwell but it’s hard to explain exactly why you should, buy a ticket….because you’ve kinda got to see it to understand it. With comparisons to Punch Drunk which sold out entirely, we can safely say that this won’t be a rogue purchase or one you regret. The website tells you to ‘Be More’…. And they claim to be able to “open your mind so wide you will be able to lucid dream, or as we say, SLEEP™*” . In one 90 minute appointment, you will earn more, have more followers, more fans, love more, more, more, more…”. The whole concept has come from dotdotdot, a company creating layered reality experiences that specialises in mixing live performance, multi-sensory elements and immersive technologies. Are you as intrigued as us? Thought so. Tickets are available here and it’s not on until March but we’re nice and want to make sure you don’t miss out on tickets hence the inclusion this month. So, go go go, dot dot dot. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Drink and Paint

On Coldharbour Lane in SW2 you’ll find The Turpentine. A quaint but gorgeous arts and crafts haven offering a host of classes and activities. Always wanting to explore new and hidden talents we were inspired by the Drink and Paint evening. Nothing to do with the drink element now that Dry January is almost over….honest. On Thursday 15th Feb, you can book yourself into the alternative painting class where you sip on a beverage of your choice (it’s BYOB) and let your artistic side come out to play, armed with a paintbrush and a set of watercolours. The evening starts with games to help get those creative juices flowing and guided by the expert teacher you will come up with a masterpiece of your own, no matter your ability. If you fancy something different but don’t think watercolours are your vibe then check out the other workshops they have on offer including jewellery making or drawing instead. They also have beautiful gifts for sale so if all does go wrong you can purchase something and just white lie to your mates pretending you made it. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Charity of the month

Choose Love

Choose Love is the initiative from the charity Help Refugees, that means you can do exactly that. “In just two years we have grown to become one of the most prominent humanitarian aid organisations working directly with refugees and migrants in Europe and beyond” and you can help them continue this success story and improve the lives of refugees globally by shopping. Literally. The Choose Love online store sells everything from clothing to kitchen equipment, hot food and phones and everything on sale is themed around the three phases of a refugee's experience: Arrival, Shelter and the Future. But rather than take the item home, you are buying it for someone who needs it far more that you do. Their website lists all the products available and what buying each one will mean to it’s recipient. We highly recommend you go check it out to find out more about the challenges refugees around the world face and how you can help.

App of the month

Time 2 Beat Procrastination

Some of us need a little helping hand when it comes to concentration. Distractions can be welcomed far too easily it would seem! “Hello Netflix”. If this rings a bell and you’re looking for a solution, then download Time 2. The app allows you to input tasks and the time you wish to spend doing it. It then counts down so you remain focused on getting it done. Imagine it like a digital version of your teacher standing over you to make sure you work hard ;). Just make sure to be realistic with timings, you don’t want to rush things and then do a half job! The app will send you notifications if you come out the app and look at something else too, it knows if you’re messing around! Time 2 gets a solid 4.5 out of 5 rating on the app store so this to us is decent proof it does what it’s supposed to. Give it a try and watch your productivity soar. If not….there’s always Netflix.