Who We Are

We don’t do predictable.

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A strategic communications & influencer agency, we don’t do predictable.

We do high powered, fast-paced, meaningful introductions to influencers, editors and brands.  We elevate the conversation and think commercially at every turn.

We avoid the expected and invite the exceptional.

We are based on a fundamental belief that all brands want fame & fortune.  We create fame with culturally potent ideas and connect them to commercially relevant opportunities to help drive financial success.


01 — Access



Halpern is the best-connected PR and influencer agency in the industry. Our business is based on connections and giving our brands and clients access to those connections.  

We introduce and influence, using connections to creatively create great content. The access we provide our brands is unrivalled and spans editors, influencers, talent, retailers and brokering partnerships with other brands.  


02 — Entrepreneurship



Founded by Jenny Halpern in 1993, Halpern is built on an entrepreneurial spirit.  Go-getting, creative, risk-taking and without limits.

We thrive on challenger brands and heritage or founder-led businesses because they have a different kind of drive and ambition – like us.


03 — Attitude



We hire our team and partner with brands based on attitude.  The Halpern attitude is overwhelmingly energetic, can-do and dynamic.

But we put a critical, strategic lens on all we do.  Solutions driven doesn’t have to mean yes men.